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The face of your business

A new website

Your website is often the first impression that a potential client has of your company. If your website is old and outdated, this will affect that first impression. It is therefore important to have a website that reflects your values by focusing on user friendliness, responsiveness, design, structure, and not least, content. Relevant has experienced web developers who can create a new and modern website for your company.

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How are you presented online?

Around 90% of our clients looked up the websites of several prospective suppliers before getting in touch with us. This means it is important to make a good first impression. Provide your website visitors with a compelling reason to choose your business. Present quality, capture attention, and most importantly – offer the right information! This can help your business become the preferred choice ahead of your competitors.

Responsiveness and user experience

A study from 2020 showed that 68.1% of all website visits are made from a smartphone. This emphasizes the importance of having a website that is responsive and user-friendly on phones, in addition to the 28.9% of people who use computers. It is essential to have a website that is adaptable to different screen sizes, such as phones, tablets, and computer monitors, in order to not exclude potential customers from your business.

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Modern websites with the right information

From Relevant, you will receive a modern website, both visually and structurally. It is crucial to have a website that provides the right information for your customers and presents it in a meaningful and satisfying manner.


WordPress as a development tool and our support solution

We develop all our websites on WordPress, the largest website development tool in the world. This provides us with numerous opportunities for extensions and plugins, enabling us to tailor websites to your specific needs. We also offer a support system for website changes and provide tutorials on how to publish your own blog/news posts on your website.

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Search Engine Optimized websites

At Relevant, we develop websites that are SEO-friendly. This means that we build a website with a structure that search engines like Google or Bing can read and understand. Websites communicate with both your prospective customers and search engines. SEO-friendly websites make it possible to perform SEO work on the website more effectively. For our clients, this means that the impact of a website on business will be felt significantly more quickly.

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Web design is not just web design. Contact Relevant today for your new website.

We increase your visibility on Google!

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