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Relevant webdesign in Stavanger

Websites E-Commerce
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Local Webdesigners in Stavanger and Rogaland

Websites are at the core of every modern business. With your website, you can reach out to the whole of Rogaland, Norway or even Europe if you want. Your website is your own corner of the internet where you are in charge of your own domain. A good website as to act as the face of your business. People who visit need to get a good first impression and guided towards getting in touch with you.

Most people use websites as a showcase and point of contact for the business. Others use websites with E-Commerce functions which makes the website into an online store where the business makes the majority of their revenue. These days most businesses are present online. We are experienced with all types of websites and make sure you get great value for your money.

All our websites are tested both on PC and mobile phones before publishing to ensure that it is available for everyone. We are one the country’s largest website development agencies and ensure a positive experience when we develop your website.

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WordPress and WooCommerce!

It is important for us to deliver the best, most flexible solution for our clients. This is why we use the world’s most popular website development tool. WordPress is a template based programme which is easy to learn, and is therefore easy for new webdesigners to get to grips with. Then we are sure that our clients get a good relationship with their website. WooCommerce is an adaptive tool within wordpress which provides excellent user experiences for e-commerce websites for both the shop owner and customers. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you have questions about what we can do for you!

Websites E-Commerce

SEO – Search Engine Optimsation

Having well written and useful content on your website is vital to achieve a high ranking in Google’s search results. When we work on SEO, we check both the technical health and how the text and image content contributes to drive high rankings. There should neither be too little or too much text on a single page. Throughout the years we have built the knowledge needed to make sure that the websites we create, get high rankings on search engines. If you own a carpentry business in Stavanger, we can make sure you rank highly in the results for the search term “Snekker i Stavanger”(Carpenter in Stavanger).

Types of SEO:

Technical SEO: Revolves around maintaining low loading times and good technical website health.
Phrase SEO: How relevant is the website’s content in relation to what is searched for.

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Graphical services and profiling

We know that it is important for businesses to stand out from the crowd, and we can of course help with this! Here at Relevant Stavanger, we have a large team of experienced graphic designers who can make everything from logos, brand identities, poster designs, and much more! Contact us today to make your business stand out in a sea of competitors. Are you opening for example a restaurant and want to distinguish your brand? We can help by making a unique brand identity which makes your restaurant recognisable.

Examples of our graphical design services:

  • Vectored logo
  • Posters
  • Company car designs
  • Unique brand identity
  • Business cards
  • Convention stands

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We increase your visibility on Google!

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