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These days there are countless opportunities and alternatives in advertising on Social Media platforms. The most often used platforms in Norway are currently Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat and TikTok. There are also many different alternatives and methods within these platforms to advertise, depending on what the goals are for a specific campaign. It could be website traffic, video views, leads or others.

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Why advertise on Social Media?

Social media is a highly effective marketing avenue for businesses of all kinds. Every day, millions of people worldwide visit the different platforms in the space. According to measurements from Ipsos, 49% of Norwegians use Snapchat daily, 47% Messenger and 41% Instagram. The goal of advertising is meet your target market where they are, this is why social medias are well suited to advertising.


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Advertising on Social Media gives us the opportunity to specifically target your ideal customers.

The advertising can also be adjusted depending on desired results. This could be website traffic, increased conversions, increased sales and more.

Among Social Media platforms, Facebook is king. Ipsos estimates that over 3.5 million Norwegians have a Facebook account. 68% of the population use Facebook daily, which makes Facebook the undisputed largest Social Media. This reflects in the proven advertising value it has for businesses.

Facebook Advertising

Instagram Ads

Instagram is the platform best known for image and short form video sharing. It is also a highly effective marketing channel and our clients have had great results from the platform.

Relevant has advertised on Instagram since advertising possibilities were first introduced.

Facebook owns Intagram and it is possible to coordinate campaigns to both networks from the same advertising programme.

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Snapchat Ads

Snapchat has over recent years become an important marketing platform for businesses wanting to convey a clear message. With the help of short form videos we are able to reach all users on snapchat. The platform has in a short period of time become one of great social medias in the world, and is now the second largest in Norway just behind Facebook.

Curious about Snapchat advertising? Contact one of our specialists within Social Media Ads.

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LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn is a platform for employers, employees, and B2B relationships. The platform is professional and work-oriented, many companies use it for recruitment. LinkedIn is the platform to be on if the focus is to expand your business and make B2B connections.

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Facebook Ads

Advertising on Facebook provides a multitude of possibilities. You can advertise a post in order to get page likes. You can advertise in order to drive website traffic. You can advertise in order to promote a sale or an event. The choices on Facebook are many and Relevant has experience in everything Facebook related.

Facebook Ads is a highly effective tool for increasing brand awareness and advertising here is great for generating website traffic, more customers for your shop and more visibility towards the right target market for you.

At Relevant, we are highly experienced in creating ads in addition to promoting them towards the right target markets for our clients.

Are you curious about Facebook Ads? Contact one of our specialists within Social Media Advertising.

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