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Why use an agency?

The majority of businesses invest in some form of marketing. The amount spent and the chosen marketing activities can vary greatly. Our clients require support in their marketing efforts, and there can be several reasons why a company would choose to work with an advertising agency:

  • They do not have sufficient knowledge of marketing themselves and want to use an advertising agency with more expertise in the field.
  • They want to get more impact from their marketing budget. An advertising agency has knowledge of which channels are most effective in attracting new customers or driving branding, as well as how much budget the different activities will require.
  • An easier everyday life. The advertising agency takes over many of the tasks that they themselves do not have the resources or expertise to work with.
  • Control of marketing. We create an annual plan together with our customers, and we always act as project managers, ensuring that activities are carried out at the agreed time, place, and quality.

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Reach your goals with the right marketing strategy

The overarching goal of an advertising agency is to make our clients’ daily lives easier and achieve better results from their marketing efforts. Our objective is, as a starting point, to work within the budget set by our clients and utilize it effectively. Sometimes, the budget must be challenged, usually when there is a need to invest more in the foundation (such as a new website), or when there are larger ambitions compared to the budget.

To formulate a proposal for a marketing budget, we need to involve our client. That’s why we always conduct a mapping process in collaboration with the client, where we get an overview of what they want to achieve with the marketing and what needs, wants, or problems we need to solve. Has a marketing budget been set? What prior experiences do they have? What advantages do they have over competitors (Unique Selling Points)? These are some of the questions we go through during the mapping meeting to develop a specialized marketing plan. Your job as a client is to know what you want to achieve with the marketing. Our job as an advertising agency is to know how it should be achieved!

Annual marketing plan

As an agency, we always take payment for services rendered. No matter the different marketing channel we recommend. In this way we remain objective in terms of which plans we bring to the table. Our long term client relationships are important to us, this is why we will always bring forward the best plans available. We develop marketing plans spanning one year, and we always have full oversight of the effects of what we implement. After this period, we come together to review the results of what we did and extract lessons learned for the next year.


Quantifiable results

As an advertising agency, we are dedicated to demonstrating the documented effects of marketing campaigns we implement. Google Tag Manager is installed on all websites we produce for clients, along with Google Analytics 4. The main reason for using these programmes is to track conversions and traffic acquisition. We can track how many people send contact forms, click phone numbers, click emails, and which channels lead them to the website. This is valuable data that we use to measure which marketing campaigns are most effective.

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