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Your 24/7 online store

More and more businesses make their products and services available online.

The turnover through the internet is constantly increasing and the need to keep up with the times is great. Relevant develops user-friendly online stores that cater to both the end user and the owner.

It is vital to make sure that the online store is created in way which presents your products and services in a way which drives sales. Your potential customers need to be presented with a site that captures attention, ignites interest, creates the desire to purchase, and which has a short route to the checkout page where they can take action.

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E-Commerce management tool – WooCommerce!

At Relevant, we develop all our online stores in WooCommerce. The benefits of WooCommerce are many, including simple administration for you as the store manager. You can easily edit products, add new ones, and remove old ones. There are in addition a range of options to link WooCommerce directly to your Accounting or PoS system for seamless synchronisation across platforms.

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Responsive online stores

We develop responsive E-Commerce platforms which are adaptable to all devices. The layout of the shop will adapt to what ever screen size your device has. Your customers can access your online store from their computers, tablets or mobile phones.

Developing online stores can be a challenging process with multiple internal and external factors to take into account. The process requires everyone to pitch in with required materials. With regular communication, high levels of competence, good prices and not least, quick delivery, Relevant makes sure that your business gets an E-Commerce solution which represents the business in a positive way.

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Great E-Commerce solutions require good cooperation

We always work closely with our clients. This means we listen to client needs and make use of our knowledge and experience to make suggestions and show opprtunities. The goal for our partnership is to end up with a solution you are extremely happy with.

The process of creating E-Commerce websites is often prone to questions where you as a client need to be involved. Which payment solution do i choose? Is PayPal the best one? What sort of shipping should be used? The answers vary from client to client, and together we make the solution which fits your needs. WooCommerce is also compatible with a wide range of accounting software. There are huge advantages in integrating these systems at once. Contact us to get started with your E-Commerce website so you can start selling your services and wares on the internet.

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