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Commercial Films

An effective way to capture attention

Relevant creates commercial films of the highest quality.

We take care of the whole process from idea to finished product and deliver your video in full HD, 4K and 8K resolution. In addition we can assist by advertising the film after completion.

Our experienced cinematographers have many years of experience in the industry, we make tailored, professional commercial films which help your brand separate itself in a sea of competition.

Get noticed with a video that strengthens your reputation and brand.

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Advantages of a commercial film:

Increase your brand awareness

Reach a wider audience

Increase website traffic and social media page traffic

Convey your message in seconds

Why should your business have a commercial film?

In the span of seconds, viewers will form a first impression of your business. A film which engages a viewer from the very start is therefore important. Video marketing is one of the strongest and most effective tools you can use in digital marketing.

Relevant has broad experience with both large and small projects. We create each film to deliver specific messages, to specific groups of people, to drive specific results.


Some of our film genres:

Branding Film

A branding film is one of the most effective ways to create attention around your company. A professional branding film will strengthen your brand and is an optimal way to promote your business as an attractive partner, workplace, or supplier. Relevant creates rich branding films with a focus on people, products, services and not least your company’s central values.

Promotional Film

Promo films can promote everything from a product to a business or a service. This type of film garners more social media attention than other types and is therefore a good way to market your business organically alongside paid campaigns. Relevant delivers engaging promotional films for websites, social medias or conventions. We take care of the whole production process from idea, scriptwriting, storyboards, filming and post production. In the end you will receive a product of exceptionally high quality.

Product Video

Product showcase videos contribute to increasing awareness of a specific product, and affect people’s perception of what you offer. Relevant focuses on putting important product attributes in the spotlight to create a complete experience which increases sales. We promote the product’s positive qualities and produce videos that create results.


A Documentary film is a powerful type of film which puts reality in focus. Relevant produces striking documentaries with authentic people, environments and real events.

Drone Filming

Filming by drone provides a unique perspective from above which raises the quality of a film by the use of exciting angles.

Relevant deliver both photography and films from the air in 4k. We have certified pilots and drones which can be used on projects get a sense of scale, natural beauty and to bring buildings in focus.

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