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Localadvertising in Fredrikstad

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A Marketing plan within your budget

There are different marketing goals and possibilities depending on the type of business you run, this is why we offer marketing consulting servces in order to plan, execute, and document marketing activities for you, anually. We make plans and suggest strategies which put your budget to the best possible use. Whether your ultimate goal is a good ROI, brand awareness, or spreading a message, you will receive many years of marketing experience form us and expert advice as to how you can reach your goals.


What is your marketing goal?

Return on Investment

Increased sales, leads and more prospective customers

Brand Awareness

Strengthen your brand to increase recognition


Convey who you are, what you do, or spread awareness around a specific topic


Marketing Strategy for Nordic Businesses

In Fredrikstad, we are well known and have our offices located in the old town by the fortress. We live to break down barriers and build bridges from our clients towards new audiences. After many years of experience we understand that no businesses have the same solutions to what is the perfect kind of marketing, and that the differences are not just from business to business, but from person to person. When you choose Relevant as your marketer, you ensure that Norway’s best team is behind you.

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Advertising with an experienced agency

Google Ads 

Over half of the global population uses the Google search engine, and Google has an estimated market share of 93%, eclipsing all other search engines. You can choose which geographical area you want to advertise in, for example, you only want people in Fredrikstad to see your ad and not people in Sarpsborg. This ensures that advertising on Google can reach nearly anyone and be targeted to specific geographic locations. Have you just started your own website and want to make it visible quickly? Then Google Ads is the best way to do so.


Google services we provide: 


Google Ads

Search Advertising



Video advertising on YouTube


Google Shopping



Google My Business

Google Business Profile


Google Display

Display Ads


Google Analytics

Measurable results with Google Analytics


Google Tag Manager

Conversion Tracking

Social Media – SoMe 

The different Social Media platforms provide many options to target your message and your market. We have an experienced team of specialists who advertise every dat on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat and TikTok. Throughout the years we have gained so much knowledge about what works, and what doesn’t work on each of the platforms..

Platforms in which we specialise:

  • Facebook – Flexible and can reach most markets
  • Instagram – Perfect for creating brand awareness and image advertising
  • LinkedIn – Targeted towards industry professionals and B2B marketing
  • Snapchat og TikTok – Short  Video Ads – Reaches the younger generations

Read more about SoMe Marketing

Film and Photography

Cinematography and photography is our passion here in Fredrikstad and we travel across the who country for our clients. We does this in order to convey our clients’ message most effectively. Our photographers can be found anywhere between Lindesnes and Nordkapp.

Examples of FIlm and Photo-services we provide:

  • Commercial Film
  • Product Showcase
  • Documentary
  • Portraits
  • Real Estate photography
  • Corporate Photography
  • Drone filming and photography

Read more about film Read more about Photography