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An agency which focuses on your goals 

At Relevant, we understand that no businesses have the same answers as to what kind of marketing will work best. With us as your consultants we work proactively to ensure you reach your goals. These goals could be a good return on investment, brand awareness, or to convey an important message in the best way possible. We strategise with you to come up with annual marketing plans within your desired budget and plan out different marketing campaigns tailored to your wants and needs. We always measure and document the effect of all campaigns we conduct on your behalf, we hold regular status meetings with you in order to decide which way to steer the ship in order to reach your goals.


What is your ultimate marketing goal? 

Return on Investment

Increased sales, leads and more potential customers

Brand Awareness

Build your brand to become visible in your market


Convey who you are, what you do, or spread awareness of a certain topic


A house of competence within digital marketing

Relevant is one of Norway’s leading advertising agencies and have our headquarters located at Hillevåg in Stavanger. We have been doing what we love since 2014. The best part about being an agency is to work with businesses in a range of different industries with their own unique challenges. It is always exciting to work with local businesses we can meet in person, but in today’s digital age we make digital interactions work just as well. The digital world is in a constant state of evolution and it can sometimes be difficult to keep up. We specialise in keeping ourselves, and our clients up to date with the latest methods! 

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Advertising with an experienced agency 

Google Ads 

Be visible when people search for you products and services! Our Google-certified specialists build campaigns and target them towards your target market and geographic area. You decide if you want to be visible when people in Stavanger search for “Plumber near me”, and to not be visible when a person from Vigrestad makes the same search. Are there certain products or services where you require more sales and leads, we can make sure they get increased visibility for people in your area who are looking for them.


Google services we provide: 


Google Ads

Search Advertising



Video Advertising on YouTube


Google Shopping



Google My Business

Google Min Bedrift


Google Display

Display Ads


Google Analytics

Traffic and effect measurement with Google Analytics


Google Tag Manager

Track your conversions

Social Media – SoMe 

Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok and LinkedIn are the platforms which dominate the market. In Stavanger we have a dedicated team of Social Media specialists with many years of experience behind them. Facebook is the most popular Social Media platform in Norway and is a must-have for most businesses. Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok and LinkedIn are more specialised platforms each with their unique strengths.

Platforms in which we specialise:

  • Facebook – Flexible and can reach the majority of markets
  • Instagram – Perfect for branding and image advertising
  • LinkedIn – Specialised towards career professionals and businesses
  • Snapchat & TikTok – Video advertising – Reaches the younger generations

Read more about SoMe

Film and Photography 

Photographs and videos capture attention and is the core of a well rounded campaign. We have in-house specialists within photography, cinematography, and editing, all of whom can deftly present your business, products or services. With your very own photos and films you able to present your customers with places and faces they will recognise. You’re allowed to think big, if you want filming at the Eiffel Tower, we will film at the Eiffel Tower.

Examples of Film and Photo-services we provide:

  • Commercial films
  • Product showcases
  • Documentaries
  • Portraits
  • Real Estate photography
  • Corporate photography
  • Drone filming and photography

Read more about film Read more about photography