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Local advertising in Bergen

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From planning to campaigning

We understand that in order to achieve your marketing goals, you need people behind you who understand you and your business. With us as your marketing consultants and partners, you receive a team of dedicated specialists who all have your back. We assist in planning annual marketing strategies within your chosen budget. We target, measure, and document all results of campaigns we conduct on your behalf. Whether your goal is a good return on investment, brand awareness, or a particular message you want to convey, we stand ready with a plan of action.


What is your overall marketing goal? 

Return on Investment

Increased sales, leads and more potential customers

Brand Awareness

Stengthen your brand and make your company stand out among competitors


Convey who you are, what you do, or create awareness around a topic special to you


Tailored advertising and consulting

We are located at Nordnes in Bergen and we love helping local businesses reach their audience. All projects we work on are unique, and nearly no work days are the same, something we love! Different businesses have many different desires and unique marketing challenges. Most are completely different, some are a bit similar, but none are completely identical. This makes us one of the most flexible and forward-leaning companies in Norway. With us, you secure yourself one of the most experienced agencies out there.

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Advertising with an experienced agency 

Google Ads 

Google Advertising is the most effective form of digital advertising. It is the world’s largest marketplace and has around 4.3 Billion users globally. The platform provides countless marketing opportunities, branding, and statistical insights for your business. Google Ads has geographic filters which makes us able to control exactly where we want our ads to show, and exactly where we do not what ads to show. If you only want people in Ytrebygda to see your ad, and not poeple in Bergen city, we can make that happen. We strongly recommend that businesses use all of Google’s available marketing tools to ensure maxim effect from digital campaigns.


Google services we provide: 


Google Ads

Search Advertising



Video Advertising on YouTube


Google Shopping



Google My Business

Google Business Profile


Google Display

Display Ads


Google Analytics

Measurement of Marketing Success with Google Analytics


Google Tag Manager

Conversion Tracking

Social Media – SoMe 

Social Media provides more opportunities for advertising and branding your business. With a focus on generating website traffic, conversions and leads, the different Social Media platforms provide a multitude. We are specialists in Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok Advertising. We do not hesitate in exploring new social networks if you wish. Each platform gives its own unique opportunities for targeting different groups of people. We assist you with advertising on all digital platforms.

We specialise in these platforms:

  • Facebook – Flexible and can reach the majority of potential customers
  • Instagram – Ideal for branding and image advertising
  • LinkedIn – Specialised towards professionals and B2B advertising
  • Snapchat & TikTok – Short video ads – Reaches the younger demographics

Read more about SoMe

Film and Photography 

We have a passion for producing grat photos and videos. Our experienced photographer travel across the coutry to deliver the best possible product to those who need it. We take our projects seriously and handle everything from planning to completion. As our client, you can trust that we portray your message in the best possible light.

Examples of Film and Photo-services we provide:

  • Commercial Film
  • Product Showcase
  • Documentaries
  • Portraits
  • Real Estate photography
  • Corporate Photography
  • Drone-filming and phoography

Commercial films Photography