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About Relevant

We are always ready to help you reach your goals

Who are we?

Relevant is one of Norway’s most prominent advertising and marketing agencies. We work with clients across the whole country in everything from marketing campaigns to brand identities and expression. Our headquarters are in Stavanger and we also have offices in Bergen and Fredrikstad. In this way, we are always nearby and able to maintain good communication and effective lead times.


Our competitive edge lies in our commitment to delivering high-quality, prompt service, competitive pricing, and ongoing client engagement.


We believe there is always more to learn within marketing. Today’s digital world moves quickly and requires high adaptability. At Relevant we strive to maintain a culture of curiosity and investigate new methods and services to meet our clients with the right message at the right time. Our clients have to stay relevant to their customers, and feel the effects of having a great agency on their side. Our services are always a step ahead.

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Solid results
since 2014

In 2022, we went from being Call2Action to Relevant, but the people and our dedication remains the same, if not even better than before. This is reflected in the growth we have had since we started in 2014. We have many people to thank for this, not least our team of employees who always strive to be the best in their fields. Also, all of our great and interesting clients, who we will continue to drive great results for. Our vision is to become so good at what we do that the rest of the marketing industry struggles to keep up.

We chose Relevant because they are a local agency!

Birkemo has had an excellent relationship with Relevant in terms of pricing, delivery, and competence. Their price is reasonable compared to a lot of other agencies we have dealt with, and things happen immediately when we want them. They provide us with direct lines of communication with technical experts as well as salespeople — Perfect for us!

We have already recommended Relevant to others, and we will continue to do so as long as everything is on track, like it is now.


Birkemo AS

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Marketers of the future

Marketing as a field has always existed. Throughout time, marketing has evolved in tandem with technological development. Never before have we been able to reach such a wide audience as today. What the future brings in terms of marketing opportunities, we do not yet know, but we are rooting for the younger generations who are the marketers of the future.  We are dedicated towards showing how interesting and exciting this field is. We have held lectures at business conventions, attended as judges at marketing conventions, and had school classes visit our offices. Additionally, we are a work-experience business in cooperation with both middle- and high schools.

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We care – social responsibility

Charitable ventures

All people deserve equality, no matter their past. We are cheering for organizations, sports teams, and associations that work on uplifting those people who sometimes fall outside the community. This is often through economic contributions, but we have also created websites and provided consulting services on marketing subjects at no cost.

We want to especially focus on the fantastic organization No Limitation, who through good sportsmanship, work to bring joy and motivation to people struggling against addiction. This is a cause that is close to our hearts. We have also contributed to different religious organizations and other charities whose mission is to help the people in our society who need it most.


Sport is an inclusive arena which creates many great moments of joy. With a focus on both recreational and top-level sports, we at Relevant aim to contribute to healthy values among children and youth. We have provided economic support and also delivered websites, marketing services, and consulting services to various sports teams and organizations.


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